THE 5 Top Reasons (and More) Why Cross Country Skiing in Saariselkä

Sep 18, 2019 12:00:00 AM / by Ornella

Ornella  and ....a very good friend you will love!Onni and the  snow

This blog is dedicated to those whom, thinking to cross country skiing, have the picture of old retraited people (even if lively), wearing old fashioned ski suits, with skinny skis, small backpacks, who circulate in round on traced paths, called tracks… boring!!!

Actually, cross country skiing is a superb workout with an extreme variety of movements. More intense efforts are alternated with resting phases .

On the tracks you will meet springy, lean, and statuary athlets wrapped in their super skintight suits,  skating, next to mums and dads with a baby in toboggan and maybe dogs running with them….

Moving in the cold, in the middle of SNOWHERE, as someone love to say, is a fantastic gift for our brain.

Cross country skiing in an astonishing landscape, surrounded by the enchanting forest, help us free our mind, and bring us directly into the arms of pure nature.Enjoy!

Here you will find a very useful list of reasons why to come and cross-country in Saariselkä....Enjoy the reading!


  • Temperature constantly below zero from early November to late March

Actually in October I experienced some little cold to my feet......Arran and the moon

and sometimes in April I avoid to wear my swimming suit, even if.....

I’m really a brave one!


  • Accurate preparation of the ski tracksfrom Arran to Laanila

This is so true! There are lots of people working to make those tracks were you go skiing so perfect.. they enjoy to do that, and they do it just for you! how nice!


  • Resting huts wisely disseminated along the trackskoti, resting hut,  along the ski track

Dear skiers, this is an experience you cannot miss! You can really rest in a warm place, with a  glowing fire...oh such an amazing moment! You can drink your tea and eat something good, and than, ah, go back home and have a sauna.....I dream of that!                     


  • 200 km ski tracks departing from Saariselka and connected with Kiloppaa ones

This arctic gem named Saariselkä offers you, dear skiers, so many way to slide up and down, feeling your muscles working and lucky I am! The tracks are never the same, even you ski on them thousands of time, but they are so many that I’d would be difficult to try all of them in one only holiday....believe me...


  • 34 Km of illuminated tracks provide for the opportunity to try the experience of skiing in the blue northern night

Come on, never dreamt about trying this blue night skiing and just hearing the sound of your ski and breath in the magic, intense and powerful embrace of nature?On the main track of Saariselkä                                  Well, this is what you can really experience in                                                                                              crops country skiing here



  • The arctic environment is unique by definition, but the care applied by the Lappish authorities in maintaining it is unique as well

Ah, now I think that I can really give you my personal point of view.We are the symbol of Finland, of Lapland, of Santa, of everything you can imagine linked to cold and happiness....and no jokes, we haven’t red nose and strange names.We are very important for all of you and our environment is so preserved and cherished ...Here in Finland, and particularly in Lapland, people really take care of us and all the tourists coming here fall in love with this feeling...and obviously with us!


  • The landscape surrounding Saariselkä is composed of an endless forest of pines, birches and saplings

For a gentleman, his home is his castle...and our forest is exactly that. For us , and for sure for you, I can also name it a sanctuary of  naturetrees in February



  • Resting some 250 km inside the polar circle the area is a most favourable basis for admiring the Nordic Lights

I could tell you stories for hours about how many times and how beautiful and enchanting and astonishing northern lights I had the chance to see in my life. But there are so many humans that wrote, for sure better than I could ever do, about that.The only thing I feel to suggest you, is to come here and open your eyes and your heart will never be disappointed.revontuli-northern lights

This magic and amazing power of nature has captivated millions of people in the world, so no other words are necessary to invite you to feel the same.


  •  From the mild temperature of early November through the daunting minus 35 normal in mid January slowly up again to the fantastic minus something of late March and April
    I don’t want to point out again this story of temperature.Nothing personal....but, and it is not meant to scare you guys, the temperature of early November is mild just if it is  compared to the one of Christmas and January....and minus something is REALLY relative point of view....anyway it is so good to feel this chilly wind if you are dressed as you normally do.

I know that you prepare your suitcases so well that you don’t fear any weather and , very humble,  I will suggest the following .The principle of layering is simple: you need

  • a good wicking base layer on the skin (long thermal underwear)
  •  an insulating mid-layer (wool, fleece or similar)
  •   an outer layer, which protects you from the wind, sleet.
  • for your feet, merino wool is the best
  • gloves, waterproof and insulated
  • hats: keep your head covered and warm and make sure that you cover your ears too…for your beauty hair, you will have time back home!!!


just in case one need a day rest or just want to savour other typical activities a place like Saariselkä can offer all the arctic attractions

  • Husky sledge safari

It is concurrence,  but among friends we are flexible.

Husky are joyful, fast and charming, I know...and everyone coming to Saariselkä has to try this .husky puppy and husky safariOk, but then I wait for you .....


  • Reindeer sledge                                  reindeers sledge

For only diplomatic reasons, I decided to talk about my friends huskys  before.

But now, well, what to say?

We are not fast, not at all, but our charm is probably that. Calm and peaceful , we let you enjoy the landscape with relaxing pace.How romantic to be comfortably seated under a  warm cover....and let us do our best to let your dreams to come true...


  • Snow mobile safari snowmobile

image-2Unfortunately never tried....and you can just guess why.

I envy this kind of metal  friends their speed....less romantic, but useful....


  • Ice fishing    ice fishing on Lake Inari           

I have heard some of you telling stories about enormous fishes caught in different places..Here fishing is part of the tradition in a family, and the scene that show you people on a ice lake, fishing around a hole, with a little tent, drinking coffee or tea, and chatting, but not too just the real picture.


  • Snow shoes trekkingsnowshoes!This is something so nice hand funny! I mean , looking at you walking with those biiiig feet in the snow is so lovely, something that get us closer. I love It!



  • Driving experience on ice

Ok, let’s say that being a human is different from being a reindeer, not better, just different. Question of consonant, with my friend Ornella......And driving on ice is something that ,I guess, would be fun and , maybe, handy. I’d love to understand exactly what it means , I just know that some friend sometimes tells me ... you drive me crazy...but I think that’s nothing to do with the least, I suppose...


end of blog 3-1


with love, Onni and Orni (Ornella!)

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