Discover The Magic World of Onni (the Amazing Reindeer) and his 4 tips about Cross Country Skiing in Saariselkä

Nov 28, 2018 11:19:33 AM / by Ornella



Hi Onni!

What can you tell us about snow, I mean from your point of view, could you explain us the snow in Saariselkä?


image-15This stunning icy landscape has captivated people and captured the imaginations of you, humans, for centuries!

In Finland, there are over 40 words that mean ‘snow’. There’s a generic one, lumi. Then there’s pyry, a snow shower, myräkkä, meaning snowstorm, and more – words to describe snow falling, snow falling mixed with water, once it’s frozen on the ground, or the ground over large bodies of water – like tykky, that means ‘snow covering trees’, and many more.

The Sami people of Lapland have even more.pakkasta-1

Have you ever saw sort of biiiig melted candles…we call it PAKKANEN. Trees become sculptures and the landscape is gorgeous, but this simple word is not enough to describe it …..only your heart can realise how big is the power of nature .

And in springtime, when you ski on these kilometres and kilometres of amazing tracks, you look around you, and you discover a little and gentle stream that runs under the snow and that suddenly peer out …blissful, charming return to life…


Onni, you really bring us in the very essence of things…

What do you like to tell us about reindeers?


image-15Not to show off too much, but did you know how many names we, reindeers, have? We are so awesome!

Reindeer is PORO

Reindeer calf is VASA

Reindeer calf in winter KERMIKKÄ

A 2 years old reindeer is VUONELO

A 2 years old male reindeer is URAKKA

A female reindeer older than 2 years is VAADIN

A male reindeer older than 3 years is HIRVAS

….and any much older reindeer is  LUCKY, VERY LUCKY!!!!!renne


Onni, can you describe the "blue night"?

image-12In late autumn, my dearest Lapland welcomes the twilight period. In this time the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon at all during the day.

This phenomenon is called the Polar Night , KAAMOS, and can last 51 days, in the northernmost regions of Lapland.

Kaamosaika (2)

The reflection of the snow gives this sort blue colour to everything  as ,even the sun does not rise, the twilight provides us  this beautiful shade for around 4 hours per day.

Darkness is so magic, as it is brightened by the snow cover, by the moonshine and , be sure, by flamboyant Northern Lights.


Ah, now the most coveted and most cherished matter for people coming to Lapland, looking for this wonderful phenomenon…the Northern Lights.

Onni, I imagine that you dance with this fascinating gift of the nature…



image-12My dear friend, you just said the right word…dance!

The Northern Lights is a real dance of thousands colourful flames that captivate anyone has the chance to see them.

I don’t want to explain scientifically ( even if I am a very good expert….) the creation of the REVONTULI, but I can tell you: in the northernmost reaches of Lapland, you can see them almost every night which is dark and cloud free. They move fast, they envelope the sky, they turn, they dance…yes they dance!!!

And the silence…oh, how touching!  





 ...TO BE CONTINUED...image-12




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